Jute Geotextile is a comparatively new entrant in the family of textiles. The distinctive properties of jute yarns make them suitable for making Jute Geotextile (JGT). JGT has no difference with its counterparts and is equally effective. Environmentally, JGT has an edge over man-made Geotextile.


It is used in or on soil to improve its behavior and performance. It is a natural textile, amde out of jute fibres which are extensively grown in eastern part of India and Bangladesh.


Woven and Non- Woven JGT comes under a wide range of densities according to the client need. 

Ranging from 300 gsm up to 1020 gsm


High moisture/ water absorbing capacity. JGT can absorb moisture / water upto about 5 times its dry weight. And accelerates growth of vegetation.

Excellent drapability.

High initial tensile strength as compared to other natural geotextiles.

Low elongation at break.

Biodegradable. improves soil character i.e. soil permeability on biodegradation.