The wire mesh is used for effective transfer of loads among the rock anchors and takes care of the local instability and shooting stones, an element for active protection in the containment of large rocks and unstable slope fronts.

The mesh is manufactured by a single steel cable of 8mm diameter type 7X19 and optionally 7X7.


The steel cable mesh/net is composed of Zinc and Aluminum with increased coating of 280g/m2.

The mesh opening of 300 x 300mm with 95kN as Load resistance (Concentrated), 187kN Load resistance (distributed) and the net weight would be 2.14kg/m2.

The tensile strength of single steel in the steel cable net is about 1770N/mm2.

The minimum breaking load cable / Wire rope is about 45kN and non-slip clamp with 8 anchor points to be provided.


Panels can be manufactured in any dimension, with 3X3, 4X4, 5X3, 6X4, 10X3 m being the most usual.


300mm X 300mm

250mm X 250mm

200mm X 200mm

150mm X150mm