The wire mesh system is used to protect highways and other infrastructure from rock falls, shooting stones and landslides. It is a drapery system which covers the whole surface and preventing the movement of soil.


  • The double-twisted hexagonal type of netting has high mechanical resistance required to dissipate rock fall energy created from loose fractured rock and prevents the danger of sudden rock shock loads which may cause obstruction to traffic and risk for life and infrastructure.
  • The double-twist, hexagonal-woven mesh does not unravel when some wires break. This is achieved by joining together rolls of mesh fabric with lacing wire and using it as a blanket to cover slopes obstructing rock falls. Fractured stones are trapped and confined against the slope should isolated wires fatigue from prolonged stress.
  • It also minimizes soil erosion.


  • 50mm Xx 70mm
  • 60mm X 80mm
  • 80mm X 100mm
  • 100mm X 120mm